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Final Happy

Listening and Responding

Listening and Responding As time passes, more value is being placed upon listening to each other.  Although sometimes misunderstood, or perhaps even miscommunicated, the art of listening has returned to our planet.  Each of us expresses ourselves in our unique style and I ask this … are we also responding?   Personally, yes!  I believe …

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blue head

Inspirational Woman of The Month

Winnie Ojanga is not just fabulous fashion designer. But she is also a mother, a wife, a mentor, a motivator and happy go lucky person. The Swiss-based Kenyan Award-winning fashion designer opened up to us about her passion for fashion. She shared with us her amazing Inspiring journey into the fashion world. Her fashion label, …

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5 Steps to Living an Inspired Life

5 Steps to Living an Inspired Life by Tiffany Kay The end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st Century were characterised by the achiever’s philosophy – getting as much done in as short a timescale as possible. With technology leading the way, life asked us to push on, speed up and handle more, …

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rotary phone

Calling Your Craze

It’s July and I’ve already decided what I want Santa to bring me: a pink rotary phone.  I saw one in a picture and it struck a chord with me that keeps playing. Now you can find all kinds of results for “Where to buy a pink rotary phone?” in my computer history.   The …

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