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Jul 03

Inspirational Woman of The Month

Winnie Ojanga is not just fabulous fashion designer. But she is also a mother, a wife, a mentor, a motivator and happy go lucky person. The Swiss-based Kenyan Award-winning fashion designer opened up to us about her passion for fashion. She shared with us her amazing Inspiring journey into the fashion world. Her fashion label, …

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Jun 21

Inspirational Woman of The Month

Share with me this moment as I celebrate my new business partner Sumia “Sue” Levy Sue hails from beautiful Cape Town in South Africa. She is a 28 year old Mother, wife and Entrepreneur. The Owner of her own Media business as well as an International Motivational writer and Founder of the Inspirational Blog: Just …

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May 02

Inspirational Woman of The Month (May 2012)

My name is Julia Hague, I was born in 1957 in London and was educated in a Convent School where I learned how to be strong, compassionate, and confident and an independent thinking young woman.  I think the fact that the nuns were these strong independent women was a huge influence on me.  One of …

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Apr 04

Inspirational Woman of The Month (April 2012)

Lorra Brown has overcome the odds that most young women don’t. Being a teenage mother of three children, she worked her way through school to become a role model to her children. Mrs. Brown holds an MBA in Business and Degree in Nonprofit Management. In her spaer time she speaks to other young women and …

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Mar 05

Inspirational Woman of The Month (March 2012)

I was born in Vietnam, whereabouts unknown. I was found under a bush only a few hours old by a local policeman. He carried me to an orphanage in Saigon called Hoi Duc-Anh where I was given the name Thi Hein, and my birth date of 26th March 1969. My journey had begun. Less than …

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Feb 21

Inspirational Woman of The Month (February 2012)


Womanly Journey was founded by Kristin Springfield with the vision to elevate self esteem in all women and girls.  The inspirational gifts were designed to celebrate the journey of being a woman and inspire others to believe in who they are.  Kristin shares the story of how it all started. “Along my journey in life …

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Jan 18

Inspirational Woman of The Month (January 2012)


September 2009 I learned I had an aggressive breast cancer. Two months later, my mother got her breast cancer diagnosis, and three months after that, an attending physician in the ER broke the news that my father’s prostate cancer had spread to his lungs.  He passed away a few days ago after a long, tough …

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Dec 01

Inspirational Woman of The Month (December 2011)

In front of class outside

I had the opportunity to meet up with Menaye and spoke to her about the matters close to her heart. I asked her to write you all a letter from her heart, to inspire, educate and empower you. The one thing I will tell you is “Menaye LOVES her MOTHER.” Menaye Donkor’s Letter of Inspiration …

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Nov 03

Inspirational Woman of The Month (November 2011)


Woman of the Month: Dr. Shellie Hipsky “I have spent the past seven years working with thousands of youth, parents, and educators in 43 states. With a goal to inspire young people to not give up on life, their dreams, and understand the value of a higher education. In all my travels, I have never …

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Oct 24

Inspirational Woman of The Month (October 2011)

How Wangari Maathai was changing the world… By Sharni Quinn Wangari Maathai was a woman who embraced hope, lived her dream and was actively involved in creating peace and healing in the world. Not only a Nobel Peace Prize winner, she was also the founder of the Green Belt Movement, was the first woman in …

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