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About You


You are a professional woman, a woman who has goals to achieve, a woman who is passionate about what you do, a woman who desires to succeed. You are also aware of how much work is expected of you, for you to succeed. You are a woman who believes in building strong relationships, you believe in yourself and you know the power of connecting with other women. Your career or business is very important to you, you want to succeed in your career or business but this is not all, you also have other responsibilities in your life. You have big dreams, you believe in them and you are prepared to take action.  Is the above is you then we are the magazine for you….


About Inspirational Woman Magazine 


Inspirational Woman Magazine is a global career and business development magazine for women around the world. We educate and empower women on how to succeed in their careers or businesses as well as manage other responsibilities they may have successfully by sharing REAL-LIFE stories on how other women are doing it and providing EDUCATIONAL content plus tools that will empower them to take action. We know that it is about your life, your goals, your fears and your desires  and that is what we focus on in every issue. Our contributors are industry experts; they contribute to Inspirational Woman Magazine with the aim of making “YOU” successful. These women can relate to you because they have walked the walk! They are now successful and are talking from experience.


We focus on the HOW TO…  we give you practical tools and guidelines that empower and educate you on how you can succeed in your chosen chosen path, we give you strategies on how you can be outstanding, life a healthy life, succeed and add value to your lives.  We focus on making you successful and better your life. 


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