Unity in Purpose


If we are to say that we want women to stand together in unity worldwide, then it is upon us to figure out and articulate what this is, and to do something about it together.


We have decided to bring this change forth via our magazine and we are moving forward by calling out to women:


1.  Who want to take part in building a women’s university that: unites, educates, connects and empowers women to better themselves and others around them.


2.  Who want to revolutionise women to women relationships.


We all know how hard it can be struggling alone and how great it feels to have someone listen to you – together, we can bring real change to each other’s lives. We have lead by example by joining hands with The IWLA (International Women’s Leadership Association) by forming a “unity alliance” so we can impact women worldwide and make a positive contribution in their lives.


If you support our vision and what to do something to see women unite worldwide we would love to hear from you. We would want to know how together we can better our lives and the lives of many other women worldwide.


In the mean time we are moving forward with bring forth this change via our magazine. We  welcome personal or women’s groups to join us worldwide.


Please get in touch with us.