Jun 21

Inspirational Woman of The Month

Share with me this moment as I celebrate my new business partner Sumia “Sue” Levy

Sue hails from beautiful Cape Town in South Africa. She is a 28 year old Mother, wife and Entrepreneur. The Owner of her own Media business as well as an International Motivational writer and Founder of the Inspirational Blog: Just Pursue It.

Sue and I share the same passions, we are passionate about uplifting the woman of this world, she is very serious about spreading the word of positivity to all woman around the world that is why find her contributing to a lot of sites beyond just her own. She loves interviewing and meeting Inspirational woman from all over the world for her blog Just Pursue It.

2012 has indeed been a year of new opportunities as Sue has dedicated herself to doing Philanthropy work as she gives `inspirational talks to girls as she believes that it’s important to uplift the youth with the motivation they need to focus on achieving their dreams later in life.

 Here is all you need to know about her journey 

The Beginning

Born in 1983, to Parents Rulander and Frederick Brandt. Sue is the older sister of two younger siblings. Completed her education in Cape Town and holds a qualification in Multimedia Technology. Her love for being creative leads her to be part of the e-Learning field from the age of 19 (before graduating). Sue was part of a team that developed training programs for Glass making Industries. Post grad, Sue was head of Instructional Design for a media company whose main niche was in developing structural Educational Material for technical Industries.

The Professional Break away

Sue then broke away from that and worked for design agencies as she enjoyed designing interactive material but quickly got bored as she felt  wasn’t mentally stimulating and not inspiring enough to do it for a life time as she wanted to leave an legacy of Inspiration behind one day. That is why she decided to start her own media business, one that helps start ups and new businesses grow their personal brands in the online space. Her passion has always been to uplift and help people.

Turning Tragedy into Triumph

After losing a good friend due to Cancer in late 2011, she started the blog “Just Pursue It” in her friend’s memory. Her blog was stemmed from the actuality that her friend who never disclosed how many months she had left to live, always encouraged her to write as she saw that Sue was a natural at inspiring people in general. Her friend had a business called “Inspirations” Sue was then inspired to start an Inspirational blog as she felt it was only right to give back to people the way her friend encouraged in the time of their friendship. 

Just Pursue It is a rapidly expanding Inspirational Blog for women founded by Sue; it offers a platform for empowerment and guidance for women young and matured. She now Interviews woman from around the world and by doing this her readers get an inside look on how these successful woman found success and overcame obstacles in life.

New Partnerships

Sue has recently co-partnered with Inspirational Woman Magazine as it came as a natural progression to speak to more women on an International scale. Her passion for the online space and flawless eagerness to uplift woman has allowed Sue to win over not only her readers, but PR companies and International Initiatives to be interviewed for her blog as they see the need to give back. 

Her love for humanity and her passion to see young woman and girls pursue their dreams has encouraged her to write for many other publications

Sue believes that Inspirational Woman and Just Pursue It together are dedicated to plant a seed of irresistible positive thinking to all women around the globe. In her talks Sue speaks about her own reinvention after working in a corporate world and how every woman can reinvent them to get to the next level in their life and career with her tagline “Just Pursue It.”

Leaving a Positive legacy

She has been called “The Inspirational Lady” by many, and to this she says is Humbling as she loves to see people smile and feel good about themselves.

Sue says:

“The world needs more people to give Hope to others. We should promote the belief of positive outcomes to our youth and our woman, my goal is to make sure people overcome negative perceptions and life experiences, and to start living a life without fear of achieving ones dreams. We all possess the power to do so. We just need to believe that we can. My aim is to leave a legacy of Positivity in this world and I’m excited to go about this journey with my motto: Love to Inspire, Inspire to Love”

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